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Our History

A Professional Hardwood Flooring Company. National Wood Flooring Association Member & Bona Trained Craftsmen. Serving all neighborhoods in Aspen Hill, Brookeville, Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Kensington, and Silver Spring. Serving most of Montgomery County, Maryland.There are many reasons a company can charge a fee just to show up. The best contractors understand that not everyone is their customers and L and A Floors, uses the trip fee to qualify the customer.  Smart contractors do not want to spend their time giving estimates for people who are shopping for the best deal (buying on price alone.) So, just ask yourself. When you hire someone to come into your home, what value are your getting and what are you willing to pay for it.One final thought, most good service companies will waive the trip fee once they know you’re a great customer. In fact, L and A Floors, will go out of their way to provide superior service.We are available by appointments only because of our personal attention to each and every job.



Artistic craftsman. We focus on quality. Our finish product showcase our team skill in the wood flooring industry. We think we our best. Our unique team, Alex, Douglas and Johny Perform at levels higher then our industry standards. Our expectations are higher then Bona training, and The National Wood Flooring Association. The business owner is involved throughout the service process to assure the quality of service has been achieved at each-end-every-project. It all started a couple generations back with no experience, to becoming an artist of our trade.

Hey we can educate you about wood floors. Our website shares our membership brochures of what to expect before sanding or installing wood flooring. Contact Erlin for an on-site eight page estimate checklist. Yeah, talk to our little brother about your checklist. Or call Luis, for a short, on-site walk-through prior to service. If you cannot wait for us, Click on our What to Expect/Blog page.