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Hardwood Flooring Damage: The Danger of Air-wick or Bath and Body Works – Or Plug-Ins in General – They will disintegrate the surface and the finish of your wood flooring.

We know that sometimes your place needs to diffuse with welcoming aromas throughout the home. We tend to purchase air fresheners for the main area of our living spaces. We purchase air-wick products, bath and body works plug ins, and products of such akin. However, when placing these plug-ins on the surface of your wood flooring, it can cause permanent damages to your wood flooring, or the single plank where you or maybe your housekeeper places it.

Now, the type of damage usually happens when you place the scented oil refills onto the surface of the wood flooring. Keep in mind these are strong oils that create a chemical reaction with the polyurethane or water-based finish of the wood flooring.

These common areas or damages are usually found in the common areas of your home. Usually, near the power source or electric sockets from your common areas. Such as, your living room, kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom, or any area where you plug-in a scented oil plug-in… Next time, just take a second to look down at the wood flooring areas near your plug-in locations and you might just find the damage on your wood flooring.

One personal experience we encountered was an occasion where the housekeeper would vacuum our wood flooring and then we would find these sticky O-Ring sections on our wood flooring. In order to provide you with a visual, it looked and perceived as my two year old child made a mess with syrup all over the dinning table. Yes, stickie, gooey, and hard to clean (as seen in the photo).

Now, what can we do when we discover this type of damage on our wood flooring. Fist step, try to remove the the oil with a cloth and warm water. Make sure the cloths is damped and only use an appropriate cloth on the wood flooring damaged area or speck. Such as a Bona cloth, or similar to disposable Bona pad. We recommend you DO NOT use any chemicals, such as, soap, vinegar, or, bleach because you can cause more damage to your existing wood flooring. If a damp cloth with warm water does not remove your damage area, then you will new to call Refinish My Floors and we will need to sand and refinish the damage area.