L & A Floors


If you think about a tree, you’ll imagine the roots Leading into the trunk, the trunk branching out into branches, and the branches covered in green Leaves. Those Leaves need a lot of water. So the tree pulls the moisture from the ground and sends it up through the trunk to the Leaves.

That trunk is the very same thing that you will be walking on. It stands to reason, then, that the wood that you will be putting down on as your new floor is exceptionally good at transferring moisture through it. This is good for a tree in the forest, but bad for a floor.

A wood floor will continue to absorb and release moisture from the air. As it does, the plank will bend and flex to accommodate the space needed for the moisture. What this means is that a new floor will need a certain amount of time to get used to the moisture in the air of your home. It is a very bad idea to simply bring the flooring in and install it that day. Instead, the flooring will need to sit in the room for a few days for sometimes weeks) in order to ensure that bowing and bending will be minimal. once it is installed.