L & A Floors


How do we determine if someone is an experienced aged, craftsman in the hardwood flooring industry? First, we need to begin by asking questions, and checking the wood flooring contractors’ credentials. Before, we hire or invite anyone into our home we should know the type of service they provide. Are they painters? Are they home remodeling contractor? A tile contractor? If they are, I hope this is the individual or company you are NOT hiring to service you wood floors.
A fraction of our calls at times call and desire to hire one contractor for tile, carpet and wood floors. Due, to Refinish My Floors, craftsmanship, we ONLY focus in the art of wood floors. Why? Because a wood flooring expert takes an abundance of knowledge and craftsmanship in order to produce an artistic wood flooring project in the state of Maryland.
Refinish My Floors LLC is the sister company of L and A Floors. L and A Floors is the acronym for Luis and Armando. Armando is my father, he was around since the late 70’s, 80’s and 90’s and, my older brother Luis finally laid him off in the 2000’s. Luis and I are wood flooring technicians that love the craft and grew a passion for wood flooring because it is part of our family. We are not here to work with prospect client’s budget, we are here to produce a work of art, and our clients become awed after the showcase of our craftsmanship.
In order for you to get to know who we are and for a wood flooring expert to produce a showcase work of art; in your wood flooring project, it will take a team such as, Refinish My Floors and L and A Floors to produce those desired work of art in your wood flooring project. Our technicians, Alex and Douglas have a total of 16 years in the wood flooring industry. My Brother Luis has been in the field with my father, Armando, since Junior high. And My first day in the field, I was seven years old.
Fast forward to 2019, we are now Maryland Top’s Wood Flooring Company. We focus on providing top notch services to our current clients, engineers, and architects, who build custom homes in the Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland.
In addition we are Bona Trained Professionals and Part of the National Wood Flooring Association. Becoming part of these two large wood flooring associations, it allows us to produce our consumers and client’s like you with the most updated scientific, innovative products in the Wood Flooring industry. Being part of the National Wood Flooring Association, allows you to learn more about your wood flooring. The number of brochures provided by the association on learning about your wood floors before and after the services of sanding or installation of your wood flooring, in which you can find in our website.
In another perspective, your wood flooring contractor you invite over your home shall know a number of variables when providing an estimate. Refinish My Floors investigates the wood flooring environment of the home. Starting by understanding the moisture and wood content. For example, think of your wood floors as a living organism in your home. If the wood experiences cold or hot acclimation during the summer and winter seasons, and if you do not keep the inside of the home within the living conditions, you will experience a number of problems in your wood floor. In other cases, if a contractor decides to accomplish a job under bad conditions, you will end up with disaster in your wood flooring project.
A Maryland Wood Flooring Experts can identify your wood species and a number of other factors before your project begins. Therefore, next time you decide to hire an amateur or hiring someone without any skill or craft in the wood flooring industry, GOOD LUCK! Or, simple avoid all future wood flooring problems by contacting Refinish My Floors at 240.277.5953. Or, simple make your online appointment.