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What is the difference between on-site refinishing and pre-finished wood flooring?

Well, exactly as it is referenced. On-site refinishing happens when we sand and refinish the existing wood flooring in your home. Most homes in Maryland, Virginia and the Washington DC area, usually have oak floors or pine wood flooring. And these existing wood flooring can last lifetimes. Dating back to 1500, 1600, 1700, 1800, 1900’s and up-to-date.

A pre-finished wood flooring is typically already pre-finished and manufactured pre-finished from the factory. In different colors and sizes. Popular brands such as Bruce, Mohawk are readily available when repairs of such wood is necessary. Pre-finished wood flooring is popular amongst a small fraction of clients. Typically, the ones wanting to avoid the sanding process. Or, when matching another pre-finished wood flooring area(s) in the residence.

Now, which one is better? Pre-finished or un-sanded wood flooring? The answer is both per-finished and un-sanded wood flooring is better than carpet or tile. They both bring a warmth of natural beauty and eco-friendly environment within the home. Un-sanded and pre-finished wood flooring are also available in a number of width and thickness. The un-sanded flooring is typically 2 ¼ width and ¾ thickness. The pre-finished wood flooring is also manufactured in the same size or wider and less thick planks. Other sizes available are 4 inch, 5 inch, 6 inch, and so on; and, if needed, Refinish My Floors can process a special order of a desired Length. The method of installation for un-sanded and pre-finished wood flooring can be glue-down on below grade or concrete underlayment. And for above grade, staples and nails.

Call Refinish My Floors at 240.277.5953 to discuss your wood flooring pre-finished install or to install and sand and refinish your existing wood flooring. Or, if you have any wood flooring related questions I’m here to help. Give me a call or send me a brief text.